[SPECIAL EVENT] It’s Claudia Santiago’s Birthday Join The Party! | Feliz Cumpleanos para Claudia Santiago – Ven a Celebrar! #ClaudiaSantiago #HappyBirthday

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We are celebrating all week: Jan 28 - Feb 4, 2017

It's Claudia Santiago's Birthday Jan 28 -  Join The Party!

[ Click Here: ClaudiaSantiagoBirthday.Rocks ]

Es el Cumpleanos de Claudia Santiago Enero 28

Ven a Celebrar! [ Click Here: ClaudiaSantiagoBirthday.Rocks ]

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[VLVS SHOW GUIDE: Jan 9-14 ] #HAPPYNEWYEAR #ClaudiaSantiago #News @ClaudiaSantiago #Show



We are happy to announce the new season of VLVS shows. Join Claudia Santiago on her Daily Live Shows at ClaudiaSantiago.Live

These shows are Connecting, Interactive, Educational, Empowering and Entertaining and of course with a little bit o' Latin salsa flair with Claudia Santiago too!

Week: Jan 9-14, 2017  [click here]

Mon - REVIVE LIVE HEALTH (Health and Wellness)
Tues - EMPOWER STRATEGIC SUCCESS (Leadership/Business/Entrepreneurship)
Wed - BELLA VIDA! WOMEN EMPOWER (Professional Women / Women in Media)
Thur - VIVA-LA-STAGE! (Entertainment / Music / Actors / Producers)
Fri - MI CASA ES TU CASA LIFE (Home / Lifestyle / Cooking / Relationships)
Sat - VIVA-LA-CREATIVES! (Fine Arts / Designers / Creators)

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#VidaVisionKeys | Breakthrough to the New

Breakthrough strategically! Plan to pioneer unchartered territory. Go explore new horizons! ~ Claudia Santiago

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(c)2016 Claudia Santiago International
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#VidaVisionKeys | Life Giving Words Are Refreshing To The Soul

Life-giving words are refreshing to the soul...before you speak, think: Is it Vida=Life? Does it build up? Or tear down? Choose wisely... ~ Enjoy the joy, laughter and depth of relationships that come from speaking life!
‪#‎vidavisionkeys‬ ‪#‎maturity‬ ‪#‎leadership‬ ‪#‎wisdom‬


(c)2016 Claudia Santiago International
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#VidaVisionKeys | The Garden Of Life Is Found In Community

The garden of life is found in community. We are wired for authentic relationships! This doesn’t mean you agree on everything, but you choose to agree to disagree. It is looking beyond that to value and honor the connection for a bigger purpose that just yourself. It’s not ‘what can I get from this’ ...but rather, ‘what can I give’. It’s about significance & legacy - Enjoy living life fully alive! ~ Claudia Santiago


(c)2016 Claudia Santiago International
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#VidaVisionKeys | Color Outside Of The Lines

Creativity is such a wonderful gift we all have to express. We were not designed to be rigid and put in a box! Go ahead, it's okay to "colour outside the lines" ~ enjoy freedom to create!! ~ Claudia Santiago
‪#‎vidavisionkeys‬ ‪#‎creativity‬ ‪#‎freedom‬ ‪#‎innovation‬‬

  (c)2016 Claudia Santiago International
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#VidaVisionKeys | You Are Royalty…Never Forget That!

You are royalty! Your identity is not dictated or defined by others nor circumstances around you. You have a unique and valuable purpose to ignite life wherever you are. You are an inheritor of royal decent, empowered for breakthrough victory! Arise, it's time to shine! ~ Claudia Santiago ‪#‎vidavisionkeys‬ ‪#‎vivalavidasuccess‬ #ClaudiaSantiago (c)2016 Claudia Santiago International
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#vidavisionkeys – Go Through The Process – Keep Moving Forwards

The only way to build strength, character & endurance is to go through the process ...there is no way around it, you must go through it. Keep moving forwards! ‪#‎vidavisionkeys‬ ‪#‎empowerstrategic‬ #‎leadership‬   ClaudiaSantiago.com-Yesyoucandoit-empowerstrategic-vidavisionkeys cropped-cropped-BeVictorious-BeFullyAlive-ClaudiaSantiago.com-VivaLaVidaSuccess.jpg (c) 2016 Claudia Santiago International
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