Welcome! Bienvenidos!


Welcome -Bienvenidos

There is a lot of new happening these days at ClaudiaSantiago.com and Viva-La-Vida! Success.

One of the things you will see is that Claudia has new Viva-La-Vida! Success shows! She is the host and has co-hosts and special guests.

You can join via livestream in person from wherever you are at. She has different shows that you will love to connect with.

Check it out!

Claudia Santiago’s new radio single “VIDA” (Español)
is now available!

[ Come hear it and find out how to get your copy – Click Here ]

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Claudia Santiago is an international recording artist, speaker, writer, entrepreneur and producer. Her desire to not only bring her gifts and talents to be of impact, but to serve to raise up others to the fullness of their destiny. She impacts various spheres of society and the lives of many through one on one and group relationships, live events, television, radio, productions and multimedia communications.

Claudia Santiago is the founder and CEO of VIVA-LA-VIDA! SUCCESS (VLVS): an multimedia, strategic, interactive system and network with supplementary live events for life and professional development success. VLVS includes Online Centers, Magazines, Radio/TV Studios, Multimedia Productions, Training Institute, Resource Center and Live Events. VLVS is unique, fun, entertaining, inspirational, educating, equipping and empowering  “VIDA VISION KEYS”, which is a LIFE GIVING VISION to men and women. Claudia and her team through VLVS serve to help people discover, connect with others to fulfill their destiny in their sphere of influence such as: home/family, education, government, business, health, religion, media, arts & entertainment.

Having lived through a civil war in her birthplace of Chile and through other various hardships in life such as overcoming a life threatening disease, Claudia Santiago has a depth of character and life experience that brings hope and healing to many. Who would have known that a child cowering in fear and hardships, would rise up to be a voice that would impact so many lives to bring them hope and a future? Only through the love, grace and power of God! This is her life testimony. Along with impacting many with this life giving message of hope, equipping, educating and empowering people to fulfill the fullness of their destiny, Claudia is a voice for the voiceless. Through her VIDA MISSION AMOR, she partners with various organizations bringing aid those suffering in poverty, abuse and injustice.

Through her “Vida Vision Keys Institute” she trains, coaches and mentors. She is currently producing, hosting, speaking and singing at her live events, studio show, recording her new album, developing training manuals for her institute, writing and publishing for Viva-La-Vida! Success Magazine and writing her upcoming book. Claudia is also an invited special guest for media interviews, and appearances at other organization, ministry and corporate events. Claudia Santiago loves spending time with her family and community. She resides in Calgary, Alberta Canada and is available for interviews and bookings. For more about Claudia, VIVA-LA-VIDA! SUCCESS and Live Events, please visit www.ClaudiaSantiago.com.

As a special gift to you, she invites you to receive your complimentary membership for Viva-La-Vida! Success Network at www.VivaLaVidaSuccess.com.