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We are happy to announce the new season of VLVS shows. Join Claudia Santiago on her Daily Live Shows at ClaudiaSantiago.Live

These shows are Connecting, Interactive, Educational, Empowering and Entertaining and of course with a little bit o' Latin salsa flair with Claudia Santiago too!

Week: Jan 9-14, 2017  [click here]

Mon - REVIVE LIVE HEALTH (Health and Wellness)
Tues - EMPOWER STRATEGIC SUCCESS (Leadership/Business/Entrepreneurship)
Wed - BELLA VIDA! WOMEN EMPOWER (Professional Women / Women in Media)
Thur - VIVA-LA-STAGE! (Entertainment / Music / Actors / Producers)
Fri - MI CASA ES TU CASA LIFE (Home / Lifestyle / Cooking / Relationships)
Sat - VIVA-LA-CREATIVES! (Fine Arts / Designers / Creators)

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My VIDA Heartsounds…painting & gift of creativity

MY VIDA VISION HEART-SOUNDS: During a really difficult season in life, I picked up a brush and began painting. I love it!!! I'm not trained, nor do I plan them...I just get a sense of something and GO! At times I'll have a dream about something and paint it! Just like singing, writing and producing, it is now a gift I've discovered that I thought I never had...a way to express the treasures in my heart. Creativity is a beautiful thing and a gift we've  been given. I've learned that even in winter seasons, Spring can be alive and flourishing with new things that help us wade through the most difficult challenges. My paintings are uniquely me...I hope you enjoy them! I'll be posting where you can find them. One of my live shows is called "Viva-La-Creatives" where we have special guests on and paint live on camera. Below is a picture of one of my paintings I did live on the show! Go to www.ClaudiaSantiago.Live to see more about my new shows to celebrate, connect, equip and e...
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