#VidaVisionKeys | Life Giving Words Are Refreshing To The Soul

Life-giving words are refreshing to the soul...before you speak, think: Is it Vida=Life? Does it build up? Or tear down? Choose wisely... ~ Enjoy the joy, laughter and depth of relationships that come from speaking life!
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(c)2016 Claudia Santiago International
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#VidaVisionKeys | You Are Royalty…Never Forget That!

You are royalty! Your identity is not dictated or defined by others nor circumstances around you. You have a unique and valuable purpose to ignite life wherever you are. You are an inheritor of royal decent, empowered for breakthrough victory! Arise, it's time to shine! ~ Claudia Santiago ‪#‎vidavisionkeys‬ ‪#‎vivalavidasuccess‬ #ClaudiaSantiago (c)2016 Claudia Santiago International
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