Claudia Santiago, Chilean born, Canadian, is an international entertainment industry professional. Who would have known a child cowering in fear through a civil war and then in later years overcoming a life threatening disease to arise as an exceptional international talent, impacting so many lives!

As an international recording artist, speaker, writer, producer and entrepreneur she has impacted many audiences on live stages and media such as television, radio, print and various forms of social media and broadcasting and film.

Claudia Santiago’s desire is to not only bring her gifts and talents as an entertainer to impact lives, but to serve to raise up others to the fullness of their destiny through her VIVA-LA-VIDA! SUCCESS network and systems Claudia impacts various spheres of society and the lives of many through one on one and group relationships, live events, television, radio, productions and multimedia communications.

Claudia is an invited special guest for media interviews, and appearances at other organization, and corporate events. Claudia Santiago loves spending time with her family and community. She currently resides in Calgary, Alberta, Canada and is available for interviews and bookings. For more about Claudia, VIVA-LA-VIDA! SUCCESS and Live Events, please visit


Claudia Santiago is a powerful vocalist and enjoys performing at live events! Stay tuned for new music releases throughout the year including single “Everything Is Changing”. For interviews/bookings contact

“I wish every artist would take their calling as seriously as Claudia Santiago. She is gifted and works at her craft. I love her musical style and dedication to her artistry.” Tom Jackson, Tom Jackson Productions – Nashville, TN, USA

“Claudia Santiago’s servant heart is balanced with a high degree of professionalism and her life speaks for itself. She represents the best of artists who travel the globe sharing her musical message with creativity, authenticity, and the joy that can only comes from a Latino. You have to experience it to know what I mean…” David Bunker, President Catapult Group – Nashville, TN, USA


Claudia Santiago Music Bio

Who would have known that a child cowering in fear through a civil war and later in life battled and overcame a life-threatening disease would arise to become a successful global talent in the entertainment industry impacting so many lives?

Claudia Santiago, a Chilean born Canadian citizen, is an international recording artist and live entertainer having graced stages across Canada, various other countries and worked with renowned music talents and other celebrities. While she is honoured to have worked with such amazing talents, her music is a direct outpouring of her life, her overcoming story, that she authentically shares with her audience and also considers this a true honour to be able to make a long lasting impact in their lives!

She is seasoned professional performer at local, national and international private and corporate live events with extensive touring, tv, radio and media appearances. Claudia’s expertise also extends as a strong online entertainer, brand influencer and speaking talent.

Her voice is strong, soulful, powerful yet with control and sensitivity only a seasoned vocalist can bring. From her earlier operatic training, she brings an incredible range. While her style is not focused on opera, this is a unique professional skill she brings to the table and enables her to sing in other languages as well.

As a live entertainer, her intuitive and highly trained stage presence is also what audiences are impacted by and drawn too as she has a way of truly connecting with the audience to make a highly memorable experience for all who attend her live shows!

Her musical style is primarily pop/rock with a blend of other genres such as R&B, Funk, Dance, New Country, Latin Jazz and at special events, you may also get a taste of a ‘bit o salsa! As another unique ability, with Claudia’s Hispanic roots she performs fluently both in English and Spanish.

Claudia is available for bookings as a solo performer, duo, trio or full band performing both her original music as well as covers to make her performances designed specifically to impact the audience of each event! Just as her songwriters, producers, agents, management, her musicians that back her up in each city are high caliber and are a valuable part of her team as professionals in the entertainment industry.



Claudia has been working on her new recording projects! Because of her strength and professional training as a live entertainer, her recording projects are focused on her audience and put together with the live stage in mind.

Her new music is pop / rock driven with other genres such as: R&B / AC / Roots / New Country / Latin Jazz / World and she even adds a dash of Salsa from her Latin roots!

While the new music is enjoyable, danceable, captivating, the depth of songwriting and production by award winning seasoned writers and producers partnered with Claudia’s powerful vocals and depth of life story, are sure to take Claudia’s career and impact on lives to a new level of success.

She is looking forward not to just release her new music through media, but also to share live on local, national and international stages as her fans have been anticipating with great expectation!

Stay tuned for new music news coming soon! Join Claudia Santiago’s VIP team for exclusive news, livestream broadcasts showcasing her upcoming new music releases and tours! 

Claudia currently resides in Calgary, Alberta and is available for local, regional, national and international bookings.
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Claudia Santiago is the founder of VIVA-LA-VIDA! SUCCESS (VLVS):
a multimedia, strategic, interactive system and network with supplementary live events for life and professional development success. VLVS includes Online Networks, Magazines, Radio/TV Studios, Multimedia Productions, Training Institute, Resource Centre and Live Events. VLVS is unique, fun, entertaining, inspirational, educating, equipping and empowering what Claudia calls “VIDA VISION KEYS”, which are strategic keys of LIFE GIVING VISION to men and women. Claudia and her team through VLVS serve to help people discover, connect with others to fulfill their destiny in their sphere of influence such as: home/family, education, government, business, health, media, arts & entertainment.

Having lived through a civil war in her birthplace of Chile and through other various hardships in life such as overcoming a life threatening disease, Claudia Santiago has a depth of character and life experience that brings hope and healing to many. Who would have known that a child cowering in fear and hardships, would rise up to be a voice that would impact so many lives to bring them hope and a future? She has a gripping life story that brings inspiration and transformation with a message of hope, equipping, educating and empowering people to fulfill the fullness of their destiny.

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Claudia is a voice for the voiceless. Through her VIDA MISSION AMOR causes, she partners with various organizations bringing aid those suffering in poverty, abuse as well addressing issues of injustice and bringing awareness with initiatives such as Ending Distracted Driving #StopDD #ItCanWait and is speaking/singing on her #VidaNowTour as an advocate to help save lives.
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Through her “Vida Vision Keys Institute” she trains, coaches and mentors. She is currently producing, hosting, speaking and singing at her live events, studio show, recording her new album, developing training manuals for her institute, writing and publishing for Viva-La-Vida! Success Magazine and writing her upcoming book.

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Claudia is an invited special guest for media interviews, and appearances at other organization, and corporate events. Claudia Santiago loves spending time with her family and community. She resides in Alberta, Canada and is available for interviews and bookings. For more about Claudia, VIVA-LA-VIDA! SUCCESS and Live Events, please visit

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